Classical Ballet

Class Description:These classes are based on ability level and start at age 8.  Dancers will train in Classical Ballet two days per week and build the foundation for excellence in dance technique.  Class length varies by level from 45 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes.  Dancers will learn Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus work during their first weekly class as a foundation for technique and develop skills in adapting to styles and learning exercises quickly by having an unset ballet class during their second class of the week.  

Dress code: Female Students will wear ballet pink tights, pink canvas ballet slippers and a leotard in a color based on class level.  Dancers are expected to wear a classical ballet hairstyle such as a bun with pins and a hairnet, . Male students will wear gray ballet slippers and tights, and a form fitting white t-shirt.


About our Facility

Come Visit

McPherson Classical Coaching Academy puts a priority on safety.  We are proud to have a spacious studio with a fully sprung floor to protect dancer's joints.  Come see our facility which includes a dancer and parent lounge, office, and store! We are currently working to make your new dance home safe, welcoming, and a great atmosphere for the whole family by early June. Can't wait to see you there!!