The Importance of Uniforms in the Classroom

Written By Avery Smith

Most ballet dancers are very familiar with the black leotard, pink tights, neat bun environment that is a ballet classroom. Unsurprisingly, this uniform is not just for a pleasing aesthetic. Ballet is a very respected art form, and should be treated as such. A uniform separates the students from their teacher, and creates an atmosphere filled with beautiful lines and unity.

The solid color leotard is clean, and doesn’t draw attention away from where one’s attention should be, on the dancer’s artistry. The pink tights give the best look into the dancer’s legs, so that the teacher can see exactly how they are moving their muscles. Perhaps most importantly, the neat bun keeps the dancer’s hair out of their face, both for safety and a classical look. All of these ensure that the classroom is focused, but also a pleasing sight since ballet is a visual art.

The last thing a ballerina wants to be described as is sloppy, and that training, along with everything else, begins in the classroom.

Here are some tips for a nice bun:

  1. Brush your hair back so every part is smooth. A little water can help to make your hair more manageable, and freeing it of any bumps or tangles gives it a nice, smooth look!

  2. Once your hair is back in a ponytail, twist it into a tight rope. This makes for a really strong bun, one that won’t fall out during class. Don’t make your ponytail or twist too tight though, it’s hard to focus with a headache!

  3. Wind your hair into its bun in the same direction you twisted it. Going in the same direction will make wisps of hair falling out less likely.

  4. Secure with bobby pins, spray, and net. Use bobby pins that match your hair color for a clean look. Start with putting a bobby pin at the top, bottom, and both sides of your bun, then add more around those. Then you can spray with hairspray, and add a bun net if you want it to be extra secure!

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